My New Favorite Blog Is….PR Couture!

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I stumbled upon this wonderful PR blog that focuses on a girl’s second best friend… FASHION! From cool tips for those new to the fashion PR industry, to job posts, to news about the latest trends with the biggest fashion and PR firms, this blog is heaven to those who love fashion and PR… Especially students and recent grads.

The blog’s founder, Crosby Noricks, was inspired to create a guide for breaking into the industry of fashion PR out of her love for helping others.  She even offers a few words of advice in an online interview with CareerSparx:

Most everything is a choice — think of your career as a living, breathing relationship. Tend to it, nurture it, even love it, but don’t be afraid to get out if the situation is unsupportive, out-of-control, and painful. There are opportunities everywhere.

Love her story and her blog! And I love her for where she’s going with this. 🙂


Rap’s Social Media King: Soulja Boy (2010 WSJ Interview)

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As a fan of hip-hop, I was amazed after watching this video of rap artist Soulja Boy’s ascend to stardom via social media. I previously wrote a post about one of my favorite R&B artist Trey Songz and how he used social media to increase his popularity and record sales, and I was impressed. But what Soulja Boy was able to do on his own, well before he left highschool, is amazing.

Check out his story in an interview with Wall Street Journal’s Lee Hawkins back in 2010 below:

Public Relations: The Other Psychology

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I recently read a blog posts by one of my Social Media classmates that offered tips for a successful career in public relations. (click here to read)

I wasn’t as surprised as I was enlightened that most of the tips centered around understanding different personality traits and learning how to adjust to deal with them. Afterall, PR is about understanding people and communicating to various publics so that there is a common understanding among all parties on levels that will help to create change or action.

This sounds a lot like the job description of a psychologist. After a recent conversation with a family member, I realized that PR involves a lot of psychology practices to be effective. Some of those practices include:

  1. Listening- learning to be an empathetic listener, not for the sake of judgment, but for the sake of truly understanding every party involved.
  2. Understanding- ensuring that what  you hear and see is really what is going on so that you can then prescribe effective solutions
  3. Developing solutions- offering plans of action and practices that will be effective in resolving issues and creating positive change.
  4. Being proactive- always be optimistic and offer the brighter side of situations; this helps to ease tension and anxiety with all parties.

When I signed up to get a Master’s Degree in Public Relations, I was signing up to do what I had always done ever since I was a little girl… Try to gain understanding so that I could create understanding among many. But I’m pretty sure that I make a better PR specialist than I would a psychologist. That’s for sure!

Meet my new BFF, Prezi!!

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I was in awe a few weeks ago as I witnessed a couple of my classmates give a Powerpoint presentation like nothing I’ve ever seen. You see, it wasn’t just a Powerpoint presentation, this was next, next level. It zoomed, flipped horizontally, and then vertical; and glided in every direction they commanded it to just as smoothly as Michael Jackson would dance the moonwalk. And from what I was told, its name isn’t PowerPoint, its called Prezi and its my new presentation buddy!

Yes, Prezi takes the ordinary and makes it extraordinary. I think that this could be the ultimate replacement for Powerpoint presentations as we know it. Check out the video and link below and tell me what you think. Hot or not?

Check out this cool Prezi Presentation here.

Social Media Integration Research (Reaction)

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This past week I’ve been working on a social media integration proposal. Particularly, I am writing a proposal for a music organization that I am currently working with that encompasses suggestions for how they can improve their use of Twitter for various projects that they have recently launched.

In doing research for the proposal, I came across some of the most useful tips to attract followers… surprisingly, none of them involved taking shortcuts by using codes or bots to do the job. They all emphasized the importance of “tweeting with purpose,” and attracting followers who are genuinely interested in the content that you post.

In one article posted on Social Media Today titled Twitter: Focus on Quality Over Quantity, Canadian social media expert and blog writer Mark Evans writes:

“There’s nothing wrong with having thousands of followers but it’s far better to attract them through great content — be it educational, entertaining or engaging — as opposed to the you-follow-me-I’ll-follow-you approach. This way, you’re attracting people who are following you for a reason.”[1]

Another article most importantly suggested that:

“It (Twitter) teaches us the meaning of Conversation – and we need to learn that, urgently. If you don’t tweet anything good (i.e. post relevant messages) nobody will follow you, and if you don’t respond to messages people will stop looking at your tweets, as well.”[2]

Of all the research put into my proposal, I found these to suggestions to be most relevant for those wanting to thrive in the Twitter world. Most people are so caught up on the number of followers that they can generate when they first start out that they forget that they must have something of value and benefit for people to even want to follow (i.e., helpful information, tips, interesting happenings, events, relevant images and video, and personality).

[1] Mark Evans. (2012, June 04). [Web log message]. Retrieved from

[2] Music Industry and Twitter, A Round Up. (2009, Jan. 25). Retrieved from

2011 MTV2 Sucker Free Hip Hop Music Awards: BCSPR Behind the Scenes (Reaction)

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As part of my CPR 590 Social Media class, I had the assignment of attending a social media or PR related event and covering that event via social media. However, I was granted the opportunity to attend the taping of the 2011 MTV2 Sucker Free Hip Hop Music Awards hosted at LIV in the Fountain Beach Hotel on Miami Beach. As a super last minute invite by a dear friend of mine, it was quickly decided by my professor that this would count as my assignment grade if I tweeted, took pictures, and blogged about it … Sweeeeet!

The process of television production never ceases to amaze me even though I studied broadcast journalism as an undergrad. Most people have no idea how something that looks so seamless and simple on television actually requires lots of man power and time put into it. For the most part, all guests were extras in the background of club LIV as MTV’s own VJ Sway hosted the show and celebrity guest took time to address the cameras with acceptance speeches and brief performances. Some celebrity guest included Miami’s own DJ Khaled, Rick Ross, DJ Envy, and the entire Young Money Cash Money crew, including Lil Wayne, Birdman, Lil Twist, and Tyga. The crowd of youthful party goers cheered on cue as we all waited for some of Hip-Hop’s most notable figures to make their grand entrance.

DJ Khaled, Rick Ross, Birdman

While the show is set to air on Dec. 4 on MTV2, viewers will only see the glitz and glam of the show. However, in TV production there is room made for possible errors, and I was able to witness very few, including a gentleman who yelled out obscenities when producers urged everyone to remain quite while tapping. Of course this particular guy was greeted with the largest club bouncer I had ever seen shortly after… which took care of that problem for a little while.

The highlight of my stay was when Lil Wayne and his crew took the stage. I really wanted to Tweet about his super creative outfit, including a oversized furry neon yellow hat and white leopard print pants, but my phone’s battery quickly died well before they hit the stage.

Lil Wayne is quite fashionable with this outfit

I was, however, able to capture some other cool pics thanks to my  friend who remembered to bring her backup camera. I’m hoping to update this post so that they will be shown in a gallery for you to check them out below really soon. Meanwhile, as I tweeted from the event, so did an account dedicated to Sucker Free Hip-Hop MTV2. Their social media team was all over the happenings at LIV that night, using the hashtag #suckerfreeawards (as I tweeted above). Check out some of the Tweets below:

Click to check out who retweeted this!!!

(Article) Ashton Kutcher’s Twitter Fumble: Is Social Media Still Safe for Celebrities?

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I came across his interesting article about celebrities and Twitter. Interestingly enough, actor Ashton Kutcher is recognized as a celebrity Twitter pioneer, becoming the first celebrity to reach 1 million followers, and encouraging other celebrities to follow suit.

However, he recently ran into a brick wall when he tweeted a comment about the current Penn State University sex scandal that was interpreted by some of his followers as “misinformed.”

After facing backlash tweets from those disagreeing followers, Ashton deleted his tweet and apologized, notifying followers that it will be a while before he tweets again until he is able to clear things up.

The following is his official statement:

Up until today, I have posted virtually every one of my tweets on my own, but clearly the platform has become too big to be managed by a single individual. When I started using twitter, it was a communication platform that people could say what they were thinking in real time and if their facts were wrong the community would quickly and helpfully reframe an opinion. It was a conversation, a community driven education tool, and opinion center that encouraged healthy debate. It seems that today that twitter has grown into a mass publishing platform, where ones tweets quickly become news that is broadcast around the world and misinformation becomes volatile fodder for critics…

A collection of over 8 million followers is not to be taken for granted. I feel responsible to deliver informed opinions and not spread gossip or rumors through my twitter feed. While I feel that running this feed myself gives me a closer relationship to my friends and fans I’ve come to realize that it has grown into more than a fun tool to communicate with people.

The article reveals that Kutcher has turned over control of his Twitter account to his “handlers,” a.k.a. his PR people. Now many are left wondering just what the title of his post suggests. Is Twitter safe for celebrities.

My response is that Twitter and every other social media platform should be treated no different from the days before their conception in regards to celebrities. Years ago, before addressing  the public or fans about anything, a celebrity would consult with their publicist to make sure that they could keep up the integrity of the image they wanted the public to see. Now that tweets are dissected for relevance and turned into the evening news, celebrities will eventually have to go back to the drawing board and consider the advice of an expert of public opinion. Yes, even if it is just to ask whether tweeting about a certain topic would be worth the trouble.

Check out the article below.

Ashton Kutcher’s Twitter Fumble: Is Social Media Still Safe for Celebrities? (Analysis) –

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