NecoleBitchie: The Social Media Whirlwind of the Urban Entertainment Guru

Her story is truly unique, and today she is one of many Americans who have taken a shot at greatness through this platform known as “social media.”

Necole Bitchie’s story began in December 2007, when she lost both her parents, had recently graduated college with no job and no money, and was forced to move to a small town in Maryland. She found herself completely lost and depressed, and in her darkest moment she discovered her passion for blogging. After working many unfulfilling jobs, including one at a radio station which put her in contact with many up and coming celebrities, her desire to be a part of  the entertainment world grew stronger. Necole  first used blogging as a therapeutic outlet, but by 2008, determined to make it, she combined both her passions to create, one of the fastest growing urban entertainment blogs ever.

Since its launch, her site has grown to attract over 107,000 views per day. It has even been referenced by major entertainment and news publications such as The Huffington Post, VH1, BET, CNN, Essence, The Boston Globe, VIBE, and Honey Magazine.

Necole has since started an apparel line “Born Bitchie,” launched an online magazine, and a more personal blog, which are both growing in popularity.

In addition to her own projects, she now serves as Entertainment Content Manager for, Russell Simmon’s online entertainment, sports, and celebrity blogging community. Check out an interview with her below.


One Response to “NecoleBitchie: The Social Media Whirlwind of the Urban Entertainment Guru”

  1. I never knew Trey went so far out of his way to get a positive reaction from his fans. It’s interesting to see how he could do something that seems so simple but because he is famous is a HUGE deal to his fans. I have more respect for him after reading your post.

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