R&B Sensation Trey Songz: How Social Media Helped Him Change the Game

One of my favorite artists, Trey Songz was able to create a huge buzz using a social media platform just before dropping his album “Ready.” As a fan, the buzz that Trey was able to create was unmatched. I recall liking his music before that whole campaign, but by the time it was all said and done, I was a true believer in his musical magic.

I recall my best friend calling me up one day to talk about what it’s like to follow  Trey on Twitter. She talked about how entertaining it was (word of mouth is incredible!!!). Eventually I had to check it out for myself, only to find that Trey had really mastered the art of engaging his fans by re-tweeting and replying to their messages, giving special shout outs, asking for feedback on different topics (such as “what outfit should I wear today? What do you think about this restaurant since I’m in your part of town?). But that was just the icing on the cake.

Trey Songz Twitter

Trey took things to the next level by showing his fans just how hard he works to put out good music. He did this by streaming live videos via UStream of himself while in the studio, on the road, at a show, or in the barbershop with his laptop cracked open. He would literally be on Twitter reading comments and messages from fans while at various locations, which gave you a taste his life (it was his own reality show, before the official reality show on BET). He would ask for feedback on what type of songs he was thinking of working on, and respond to comments via live video that fans could watch just by clicking a link that he would provide via Twitter or his Facebook Fan Page earlier in the week, or just moments before the broadcast that day.

Trey Songz on UStream

As if that wasn’t enough to get the attention of his thousands of followers, Trey created a “Say Now” account for fans to be able to call him and listen to special messages (sometimes it would be randomness, or a song that wanted fans to hear). Through this platform, he created a “whoever answers this question first, I will call you live on UStream” contest, and the fans went BANANAS!!!! It got to the point where fans (including myself) were anticipating when he would do a live video stream. Plus, if you happened to miss the live stream, you could always go back and click on the archives of videos which listed the time and dates of the posts.

While in the studio working on mixtape songs with already well known artists, as well as new artists, he would UStream live footage, and then hours later put the song up for fans to download. He made it like a contest where the first 100 people to download and tweet him their favorite line/verse in a song, would get a shout out.

Trey Songz and R&B Singer Sammie in the Studio

To make a long story short, Trey created a cult following for himself by showing fans who he was as an artist first hand. As a fan, you felt like you knew him almost like a friend… almost as if you could casually hold a conversation with him like an old friend if you were to meet him. Trey went extra H.A.M. for a fan base that he undeniably earned. For Trey, interacting with fans wasn’t a chore, it was part of his creative grind. He practically did what he would normally do throughout a given day, but broadcasted it to an audience via his cell phone or laptop camera, and 140 characters on Twitter. He also has a website and a blog dedicated to fans.

I tell this story because as a fan, I recognize how impressed I was with his ability to engage fans with the level of intensity that was unheard of. As a PR professional, I was able to recognize the power of social media in terms of managing relationships, no matter what the industry is. It was then that I realized that social media is indeed the ultimate game changer.


3 Responses to “R&B Sensation Trey Songz: How Social Media Helped Him Change the Game”

  1. Loved the post! As a Trey Songz fan and a Twitter follower of musicians and celebrities this was fun to read. It’s crazy how he used social media to connect so well with fans and build a following the way he did. I really enjoyed what you had to say.

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