Citizen Marketers: As Evolution Stands, The Power is NOW In Our Hands!

This week’s readings of chapters 3 and 4 in Citizen Marketers: When People Are the Message, have told countless stories which confirm the evolution of gatekeeping as a result of social media. These stories are one’s in which I strongly identify with, as have become a “citizen marketer” in my own right.

I happen to have grown up in an era which put technology in my hands at very early age. In 2008, upon graduating college with a Bachelor’s Degree in Broadcast Journalism and no solid prospects for employment, this early exposure taught me that I no longer had to depend on someone to hire me to feel validated in the field of communications; I could create my own job. As I was taught by many of my professors, whom happened to be a bit out of touch with, and in strong opposition of “citizen marketers,”  social media was something to fear, because there was so little understanding of it. But I chose to see the beauty of what it meant to have a voice and project a different perspective for others to consider. And I decided to use it to my own advantage.

Since then, blogging, as well as other social media platforms have become a huge part of my everyday life. As a blossoming PR Professional, and Entrepreneur I recognize the power of social media, and have made a conscientious decision to participate in its evolution, because I recognize the effects that it has had for me; and the impression that I have been able to have on the world. LONG LIVE CITIZEN MARKETERS!


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