Week 3 Reading: To Blog, Or Not To Blog?

“…That is the question.”

This week’s article, “Critical analysis of blogging in public relations,” has convinced me, that as a PR professional, blogs are more valuable than not.

The article highlights the benefits and burdens of what blogs represent for PR professionals. As for the benefits, there is no question whn it comes to research, blogs can no longer be ignored for obvious reasons of issue monitoring, etc…

As with any new media, the question is always whether or not an organization’s use of the medium would be beneficial.

As a PR profesional, I believe in embracing new media because there are ways in which every organization can benefit. However, it is up to the organization to determine how they can best use each medium in their favor. For me, blogs are the one medium that is universal and every entity should figure out how to create a platform for open dialogue surrounding their products and services. LONG LIVE BLOGS!    


One Response to “Week 3 Reading: To Blog, Or Not To Blog?”

  1. Kate Rogers Says:

    I agree with you and I think that social media needs to be embraced by organizations, but at their own pace. If an organization takes on social media without first having a set plan about what they will use it for etc. it will likely be sloppy and backfire.

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