Crisis Communication: Tylenol vs. Toyota

My group project is based on crisis communication. Since the company that we’re focusing on is J&J and its Tylenol crisis, this video is quick overview of how this case was handled differently than the Toyota recall.


One Response to “Crisis Communication: Tylenol vs. Toyota”

  1. I often wonder what will be THE case for our kids’ generation. I can’t imagine they’d still be talking about Tylenol – not b/c it won’t still be a great example – but b/c I can’t imagine all these years passing without another crisis occurring to knock Tylenol out of its spot!

    The guy in the video made an interesting point about how crisis happened to Tylenol. They didn’t cause it. They were the victims. What if this wasn’t the case? I wonder if the PR team at J&J would have been as successful if Tylenol had created its own crisis. As PR people, I think it’s extremely important that we learn how to handle all types of crises, whether our client is at fault or not.

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