ATTENTION PR GRADS!!!: Ever thought about branding yourself?

As Public Relations students, we’re taught about the processes of creating images, corporate messages, managing and maintaining relationships, and most importantly branding… mostly for other companies and people. But what about YOU?!

Yes, you have the hopes of graduating and landing that dream job that will put you on top of the corporate ladder in your industry. Yes, you will someday rule the world of PR… or so you hope. But what about your public image? What does it say about you? Are you portraying the life character that you intend?

Here is a really cool video that discusses the importance of branding yourself, no matter what it is you do.


Click Here to watch the video.


2 Responses to “ATTENTION PR GRADS!!!: Ever thought about branding yourself?”

  1. Usually, college students only hear about how their social media sites will come back to haunt them on the job hunt. It is true how the internet has given many more people a public identity but I like how he discusses how this doesn’t need to be a bad thing. It is something that needs to be managed by more people now since more people are under the public eye- but it can also be the ordinary person’s claim to fame, like all the YouTube stars out there.

  2. This is such good advice! People are always critiquing companies about how they brand themselves and how they maintain their image, but people should flip this criticism around on themselves and analyze if they were a corporation what image would you portray to the world. With all the different social media platforms out their people can brand themselves in almost anyway they want, but it requires upkeep and a keen eye. Also you have to maintain that brand throughout all the different types of platforms you use. I feel like this would be a great way to get experience for a job, but working on branding yourself! Great post.

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