PR Pro: What happens when you have to prove your worth?

I recently began an internship (that I adamantly chose because of the freedom of creativity that it will allow) with an organization in the entertainment industry that doesn’t have an official position for someone with the skills such as those that I have. I am a former broadcast journalism student, and current PR graduate student, and I have built upon skills that can be a plus to any organization that knows what to do with them.

At first, the thought of even stepping foot in an organization such as this one posed a major threat to what I feel my value really is. This is mostly because I have been groomed to think that I have to gain experience in corporate America, and follow the  orders of those who have been in it for a while, to be successful. However, after a few pep-talks and a dose of reality, I learned to look at it in a different light. I realize that an internship such as this is probably the greatest opportunity that I could possibly have in terms of showcasing what I really have to offer. With a platform such as this, I can be as creative and as valuable as I choose to be, given whatever projects or propositions that I pose to those who know very little about the role of PR.

So I guess to answer my own question… What happens when you have to prove your worth? … Make sure that the platform to do so actually exists, and if it does, then GET TO WORK! In the words of Russell Simmons, “Give [of your talents and gifts] until they can’t live without you.” Whatever you produce as a result of your creativity, use it to continue to build your portfolio. If you do your best to do it right, eventually you will have people begging for your services. What’s better than that?


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