Steve Jobs: The Pioneer, The Legacy

In memory of the late Steve Jobs, I wanted to share with you the powerful words that he spoke back in 2005 at the Stanford University commencement ceremony. From this speech, and many others, his voice will echo through generations to follow their dreams and never live small in the face of popular opinion. Enjoy.


2 Responses to “Steve Jobs: The Pioneer, The Legacy”

  1. It is unbelievable what Steve Job’s contributions to the world have done to it. He brought technology to a whole new level and his products speak of sophistication and advanced technology. When I was in Paris I was in shock to see an apple store in the bottom of the Louvre but now that I think of it, it makes complete sense. Apple has taken over the world and has changed it in such a positive, technological way and it makes sense for it to be in such a monumental place. Jobs have been made easier for people, everyday activities are done more efficiently, etc. Thank you Steve Jobs… you will never be forgotten and will always be held on an extremely high pedestal.

  2. What a great way to honor The Legend that is Steve Jobs!

    And what an amazing and inspiring commencement speech he gave at Stanford in 2005. Way back when I took COS211 – Public Speaking, our professor showed us the BEST commencement speeches of all time, and Steve Jobs’ was of course included. Here are a few other great ones … I’m pretty sure no matter WHO we get for our commencement next May, I’ll still be disappointed after hearing these!

    Will Ferrell @ Harvard (Part I.. Parts II and III will pop up on the sidebar!)
    Bono @ UPenn
    Winston Churchill @ Harrow School

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