Crisis Communication

Next week I will be doing a presentation on Crisis Communication and the role of a PR professional in a technologically advanced society. Through my presentation, I hope to evoke much thought and discussion on ways to manage a crisis, as well as prevent crises that are avoidable with the help of “environmental scanning.” One of the best quotes that I have read about crisis communication states:

“Most crises are not unforeseen acts of God,” such as tsunamis, earthquakes, or tornadoes. If fact, hindsight shows that most crises simmered for months–even years– before boiling over onto the front page.”

I believe that role of PR has a home at the foundation of every relationship. Public Relationships is about managing relationships whether corporate, entertainment, non-profit, government based, or in the world of journalism. Even in the face of a crises, those who are skilled at PR know that managing relationships means paying close attention to the surrounding factors (environment surrounding the relationships such as current emotions, ideas, perceptions, actions taken and planned) and being ready to own up to mistakes made, and act towards overall improvement.

I look forward to doing my presentation. I intend to make the lessons learned something that I can use throughout my own professional career and personal life… Afterall, PR is all about continuous improvement at its core.


2 Responses to “Crisis Communication”

  1. I love this quote that you found and I think it is completely true. Public relations crises almost always do not pop up out of nowhere. I feel like so many of the times the company knows about the problem but it isn’t “big” enough for them to do anything about it and they keep pushing it aside. They only address it when it comes to a head and causes they company a huge problem. I think the best crisis public relations is preventative PR that doesn’t allow a crisis to occur at all. I know this is easier said than done, but it should definitely be something that PR professionals should be continuously working on. Great presentation today!

  2. I totally agree on the preventative PR strategy. Thanks for the compliment btw.

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