Speaking of Video Hosting Sites and PR…

As a follow up from my last post, I thought it would be fitting to show just one of the roles that PR plays in the whole idea of video hosting.


You may recall the whole Domino’s Pizza incident a few years back. If not, here’s a recap of what happened.

1. Two Domino’s employees in North Carolina thought that it would be funny to post a video on YouTube of them tampering with customer’s food… So they did, and it went viral.

2. The public was outraged and Domino’s had to think of a response… QUICK! Before it damaged its brand for good.

(check out what they did in detail here).

Again, I’m just fascinated at how relevant social media, and particularly video hosting sites is in nearly every aspect of life, especially in business.

Check out the videos of what went down and how Domino’s handled it through the same medium from which it all started below:


One Response to “Speaking of Video Hosting Sites and PR…”

  1. In my Intro to Public Relations class freshman year, we learned all about the Domino’s Pizza crisis. What a complete disaster that was. The lesson I took away was that no matter how you decide to brand yourself on a social media outlet, once you connect yourself to a brand name, there is so much more at stake. If you wanted to put a video on Youtube of yourself doing disgusting things to your own food, that’s your own personal opinion. But these employees put the entire Domino’s corporation in danger by not exercising good judgement in a) the workplace or b) the social media universe. I give a lot of credit to the higher-ups working for Domino’s in the way they went about correcting this crisis, as people nationwide were most likely seconds away from deciding to cut their ties with the Domino’s brand forever.

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