Will video hosting sites replace television as we know it?

This was a question that I began to ask myself during a fellow classmates presentation on video hosting websites and their use in PR and social media. I couldn’t help but notice how quickly well know sites such as YouTube and Hulu have rapidly grown over the past few years. Because these websites put the content in the hands of the public, all kinds of personalized channels have sprung up, forming a new wave of entertainment and news television. So much for the gatekeeping days of the past.

In addition to the millions of YouTube channels created, advertisers have jumped on the bandwagon to capture their share of audiences that tune in to various niche programming stations. In terms of entertainment, people have become celebrities as a result of their YouTube channels and content, making talent scouts in every industry’s job a bit easier, despite having to track down the their newly discovered “it” person.

I guess we can say goodbye to the days of knowing that one has “arrived” when their face plastered on the television screens in the millions of households around the world. It’s all about the “hits.”

Video hosting sites have accelerated globalization in ways that were once unimaginable. People can now watch shows and videos from practically any country on the face of the planet, as long as its uploaded.

I guess the real question at this point is, will we see the day come that Nielsen changes its focus from television to mainly YouTube? Will we see the day that television is no longer relevant? With the cheapening of the quality of production for the web, who  can we expect to be out of work? Which companies can we expect to suffer? You catch my drift…

As you can probably tell by now, fascination is not even the word for how this technology has me feeling. I’m loving it (McDonald’s style). 😉


2 Responses to “Will video hosting sites replace television as we know it?”

  1. I have found myself watching more television on my laptop lately than ever before since i only have Cable in my living room. i generally go to network TV websites (Fox, ABC, NBC, Bio, etc.) to watch my shows but sometimes these sites aren’t as updated as YouTube. For example, last night i realized that i had missed the 20/20 episode when Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon debuted their twins (they are beautiful, by the way). i couldn’t find the video on ABC.com but i did find it on YouTube. The web allows me to watch what i want when i want to without having to run home to catch my show. Genius!!

    As far as video-hosting sites making television obsolete, i don’t necessarily think that will happen – and if it does i think it will take many years. There are still a lot of people, whether they are from an older generation, unable to afford computers/internet service or are simply not tech savvy, that do not use the internet as much as we do. For them, TV is still the best form of entertainment and news.

  2. Kate Rogers Says:

    I did away with TV and cable in June and I feel like since then, I’ve watched more TV and movies than ever. The internet, with sites like Netflix and video hosting sites like Hulu and Youtube have made it possible to watch whatever, whenever at little to no cost. Cable is really expensive and as more and more people are being forced to tighten the purse strings, I think that video hosting sites are just going to increase in popularity. Besides the cost, there is also the factor that these sites allow you to watch whatever, whenever. There is no need to have to be home at a certain time. As a consumer, I love these sites. As a future PR / marketing professional, I see this as a challenge that is going to make it potentially more difficult to reach consumers. But with a little bit of thinking outside the box, new practices will be effective in reaching consumers without traditional media.

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