Ever Googled Yourself?

I orinally wrote a post that was well thought out and insightful as to how internet users can take control of their public persona via the net. However, when I clicked publish, the entire thing was wiped out and not saved as a draft. I find this to be weird because that’s never happened in all my months of blogging. WordPress typically always autosaves what you write as you write… IDK. Perhaps “big brother” was watching…

Anywho, as a newly practicing PR Pro, I always find relevance in what information is published about people via the web. If you are the average joe, such as I, then it does matter how you are portrayed online, based on your interaction with the WWW. Much like celebrities, information about an individual is often readily available to the public with the click of a mouse. But unlike celebrities, those who are active online users can exercise the right to monitor and somewhat control what is published about them via the web.

My suggestion is that people exercise that right, by taking the first step. Go ahead, google yourself and set the record straight.


4 Responses to “Ever Googled Yourself?”

  1. I think it is really important to be aware of what shows up when you Google yourself. While it may seem narcissistic and unnecessary, it may be one of the first things an employer goes to to get a quick “background check” on you. If there is anything you deem inappropriate, you can then be aware of it and do your best to get it taken down. I know a lot of people who have more common names that do not want certain things related to them, so it is definitely a good idea to monitor your WWW presence now!

  2. I Google myself every so often and i find it to be really useful. I haven’t found anything on there that i am embarrassed by or anything, but if that happened i would be able to catch it and hopefully find a way to remove it rather than being oblivious. I Googled a friend of mine recently (I Google my friends as well so i can alert them to anything they might not want online) and i found a site that listed his name, address, phone number and other personal information. I let him know and he was able to contact the company and have his info removed. It’s not only to avoid embarrassment but also to combat identity theft. Here’s a tip: When you Google yourself, be sure to check the images tab. It would be awful to have pictures of yourself floating around that you aren’t aware of.

  3. First off, I think this is a really good blog post because you got the reader, aka me, to take an action and be interactive…which is the whole point of a blog! Also, it is extremely important to know what type of information about you is out there. In our classes they are always talking about branding ourselves, and if we want to project a professional image we have to make sure we have all aspects covered. And I believe Google is one of the main steps. However, my question is, if there is something up there that you hate…is there anyway to change it, or do you just have to wait for time to change it?

  4. The reason I googled myself is because my friend told me she googled me and found an article I was quoted in. It was sort of embarrassing but at least that was the worst thing I’ve found. Now when I google myself though weird sites about searching for people and their pictures/address/number/emails,etc. come up! I DON’T like that. The internet is a scary place.

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