Week 11 Reaction

Chapters 17-20 in the Twitter handbook covered topics that warrant explanations of “how to” as it pertains to branding one’s organization on Twitter, and the do’s and don’ts of running an effective Twitter account.

The author presented the valid point that people will ultimately use Twitter as they choose to. Although this is true, it was brought to my attention how important it is to still reference the guidance set forth every now and then. Just because one believes that his or her thoughts are noteworthy, does not mean that lots of people will follow their tweets. It only means that they are tweeting what they want to tweet. However, when you reference the guidelines of “engaging” and “listening to your audience,” and sticking to at least 5 subject areas to tweet about,  then you create a consistent platform for dialogue that can ultimately lead to more loyal followers.

Sure, its been said that rules were made to be broken, but if ever a Tweeter goes wrong, the blueprint is there to get them back on track.



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