The Internet: Sign on and say goodbye to privacy

With the evolution of technology and  rapid growth of social networking sites, many people, including myself have run into the question of whether or not its really worth the trouble.

This week’s class presentations featured the topic of privacy on social networking sites. To no surprise, Facebook has been crowned the #1 unstoppable villain on a quest to expose the souls of all who dare to join. Okay, so that may be a little harsh, but its  hard not to admit that they have access to an awful lot of  information from users who have frequented the site.

The idea that they collect information from each user and store it FOREVER sends a red flag that users have to be mindful of what they publish on the net. Unfortunately, try telling that to a college freshmen who is naive enough to think that a rowdy party flick uploaded for all of their friends to see wont affect them in some way in the future. To know that employers and other governmental entities are turning to social media to “find out” about people, and to know just how much they actually find out is a little offsetting for myself.

I’ve heard many classmates argue that one should just be “careful” about how they engage on the internet, but I didn’t hear anyone mention how these sites pretty much invite you to pour out your soul in a status update… I mean c’mon… (“What’s on your mind?”- Facebook) Not everyone has had the education about the dangers and risks of social media as myself and many of my colleagues. While I understand the importance of keeping my online profile as close to how I want to represent myself, many other people are just being themselves by typing letters and clicking links and buttons before they think.

All in all, is being an active user on the internet really worth the troubles that come along with it? Is it safe to say that not much will ever be private again?… That is, once you become an active user?


2 Responses to “The Internet: Sign on and say goodbye to privacy”

  1. You make very good points that I completely agree with. I really dont think being an active Facebook user is really worth the trouble. One wrong status update and it’s over. Would you consider deleting your social networks now that you know all of the dangers?

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