Meet my new BFF, Prezi!!

I was in awe a few weeks ago as I witnessed a couple of my classmates give a Powerpoint presentation like nothing I’ve ever seen. You see, it wasn’t just a Powerpoint presentation, this was next, next level. It zoomed, flipped horizontally, and then vertical; and glided in every direction they commanded it to just as smoothly as Michael Jackson would dance the moonwalk. And from what I was told, its name isn’t PowerPoint, its called Prezi and its my new presentation buddy!

Yes, Prezi takes the ordinary and makes it extraordinary. I think that this could be the ultimate replacement for Powerpoint presentations as we know it. Check out the video and link below and tell me what you think. Hot or not?

Check out this cool Prezi Presentation here.


2 Responses to “Meet my new BFF, Prezi!!”

  1. I was wowed by that power point presentation as well. Thanks for doing the homework to find out how they did it. I will certainly be using this in the future. Hope the semester went well for you. Good luck next year!

  2. I have to agree. That presentation was awesome. It was eye-catching, exciting, and unique; so much more captivating than any PowerPoint i’ve ever seen. I think that’s something that I’ve been blogging a lot about – making sure that everything you publish grabs people’s attention, is original and fun. It’s something I 100% will be looking into when creating future presentations!

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