Social Media Integration Research (Reaction)

This past week I’ve been working on a social media integration proposal. Particularly, I am writing a proposal for a music organization that I am currently working with that encompasses suggestions for how they can improve their use of Twitter for various projects that they have recently launched.

In doing research for the proposal, I came across some of the most useful tips to attract followers… surprisingly, none of them involved taking shortcuts by using codes or bots to do the job. They all emphasized the importance of “tweeting with purpose,” and attracting followers who are genuinely interested in the content that you post.

In one article posted on Social Media Today titled Twitter: Focus on Quality Over Quantity, Canadian social media expert and blog writer Mark Evans writes:

“There’s nothing wrong with having thousands of followers but it’s far better to attract them through great content — be it educational, entertaining or engaging — as opposed to the you-follow-me-I’ll-follow-you approach. This way, you’re attracting people who are following you for a reason.”[1]

Another article most importantly suggested that:

“It (Twitter) teaches us the meaning of Conversation – and we need to learn that, urgently. If you don’t tweet anything good (i.e. post relevant messages) nobody will follow you, and if you don’t respond to messages people will stop looking at your tweets, as well.”[2]

Of all the research put into my proposal, I found these to suggestions to be most relevant for those wanting to thrive in the Twitter world. Most people are so caught up on the number of followers that they can generate when they first start out that they forget that they must have something of value and benefit for people to even want to follow (i.e., helpful information, tips, interesting happenings, events, relevant images and video, and personality).

[1] Mark Evans. (2012, June 04). [Web log message]. Retrieved from

[2] Music Industry and Twitter, A Round Up. (2009, Jan. 25). Retrieved from


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