Public Relations: The Other Psychology

I recently read a blog posts by one of my Social Media classmates that offered tips for a successful career in public relations. (click here to read)

I wasn’t as surprised as I was enlightened that most of the tips centered around understanding different personality traits and learning how to adjust to deal with them. Afterall, PR is about understanding people and communicating to various publics so that there is a common understanding among all parties on levels that will help to create change or action.

This sounds a lot like the job description of a psychologist. After a recent conversation with a family member, I realized that PR involves a lot of psychology practices to be effective. Some of those practices include:

  1. Listening- learning to be an empathetic listener, not for the sake of judgment, but for the sake of truly understanding every party involved.
  2. Understanding- ensuring that what  you hear and see is really what is going on so that you can then prescribe effective solutions
  3. Developing solutions- offering plans of action and practices that will be effective in resolving issues and creating positive change.
  4. Being proactive- always be optimistic and offer the brighter side of situations; this helps to ease tension and anxiety with all parties.

When I signed up to get a Master’s Degree in Public Relations, I was signing up to do what I had always done ever since I was a little girl… Try to gain understanding so that I could create understanding among many. But I’m pretty sure that I make a better PR specialist than I would a psychologist. That’s for sure!


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